Berry Blendz

Berry Blendz is a nationwide smoothie franchise based in Fort Collins. We built a simple to use, informative application for their stores to utilize in connecting with their regular customers. With push notifications, Berry Blendz can spark an increase in business by offering a one time special to those customer who have their app installed. […]

In Fort Collins

One of our beta projects and one that is constantly in development. What we have planned for this project is much bigger and greater than we have time to work on it. Oh well, it will come, with time!

Insult, Incorporated

HE Media, LLC and iNsult Incorporated are pleased to announce the launch of their new application, iNsult Mobile for the iPhone. As of today, you can purchase iNsult Mobile on the iTunes App Store by clicking the iTunes link to the right or simply by doing a search on iTunes for iNsult Mobile or HE […]