In Fort Collins

One of our beta projects and one that is constantly in development. What we have planned for this project is much bigger and greater than we have time to work on it. Oh well, it will come, with time!

Outdoor Women Of Texas

Outdoor Women of Texas

We were approached by a client and asked if we would like to create a logo for a womens organization in Texas and we welcomed the opportunity. We presented several concepts and this is the one they liked best and will incorporate in their print and design work.

Finish Line Auto Sales

Finish Line Auto Sales is in the business of selling used cars in Loveland, CO. They didn’t have time to try and figure out how to build a website, get noticed on the search engines, and maintain all of the above. That’s why they called us. We redesigned their logo, implemented a new site that […]

ACME Rocket Company

This logo was never used but we thought we would add it to the portfolio just for kicks. When working on this logo, we had images of the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote running through our heads, the client had a different vision which is why this one was rejected. But hey, we tried!

Stover IT Consulting, IT Management in Colorado Springs, CO

Stover IT Consulting

Good friend and HE Media partner, Dan Stover, needed a logo for his IT business. We helped him out and this is what he liked the best. We think it was the shield with the S in it that appealed to him the most, but he say’s it’s the colors.