iNsult Mobile is Live!

HE Media, LLiNsult-Mobile-iPhone-ScreenshotC and iNsult Incorporated are pleased to announce the launch of their new application, iNsult Mobile for the iPhone. As of today, you can purchase iNsult Mobile on the iTunes App Store by clicking the iTunes link to the right or simply by doing a search on iTunes for iNsult Mobile or HE Media, LLC. We are very happy with how the application turned out and as we get feedback from users, we will be making improvements as well as adding content to the application.

iNsult Mobile is the world’s first all digital Mobile iNsult Generator. Oh, there are other insult apps on the app store but most of them are junk – text only, generic cut-and-paste user interfaces, and simplistic components. Let’s face it, these things aren’t worth whatever price they are asking!

iNsult Mobile’s Mobile iNsult Generator has an extensive list of features, some not seen in any application on the app store to date. Here is a list of just a few features included in the MIG-1P Mobile iNsult Generator.

  • Extensive iNsult Library
    • This contains some of the most useful and appropriate iNsults known to man. We will finally give you the power to say all those things you wish you had the guts to. Reply to your boss’s request for you to work a few extra hours this weekend, answer that annoying telemarketing call, break up with that person you have been dating simply because you didn’t have the nerve to tell them goodbye, and let your in-laws finally know how you feel about their constant meddling in your private life.
  • Security Feature
    • This feature will prevent any low-life from making off with your valuable iPhone or iPod Touch. Consider it a built in bodyguard for your device.
  • Record a iNsult
    • With this handy feature, you can record up to 4 of your own custom iNsults, not just one sound like the rest of the junk on the app store.
  • iNtrap Feature
    • This feature will allow you to entice the weak, undisciplined souls amongst you to try and play with your iPhone or iPod Touch. Once they succumb to the temptation, they will be belted with the default iNsult or one of your 4 custom recorded iNsults, your choice.
  • Random iNsult
    • Play, at random, one of the many included iNsults with the simple touch of a button. You never know what’s going to come out of the speakers, so try it in a crowded room and test your luck. Disclaimer: iNsult, Incorporated is not responsible for any physical or material damage caused by getting your butt kicked for using this feature in private or public. Use at your own risk.
  • The Exclusive and First of It’s Kind Cloaking Feature
    • This feature alone is worth twice the price of this application. With this “first of it’s kind” covert feature, you can use this application in a crowded room under the cover of a simple iPhone/iPod Touch screen that looks like a simple productivity application. When someone asks if it is your phone that is saying those iNsulting phrases or remarks, you can simply show them your device and let them see for themselves; “Nope, nothing playing on my device! I am evaluating the company sales projections for the year trying to figure out how I can help make them better!” Be one of the first to own an app with such a feature and watch the copycats as they try and catch up.

Check out iNsult Mobile for the iPhone/ iPod Touch and let us know what you think. We will take all comments seriously (good or bad) and want to make this app one you enjoy, find entertaining, and would recommend to friends.

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