Brainstorming, brainstorming, and more brainstorming!

We at HE Media recently had an intense brainstorming session in which several great ideas for new projects bubbled to the top. We are excited about some of these news project ideas and will hopefully be able to bring a few of them to fruition.

As with any new project, lots of research and investigation into the project niche will need to be done as well as all the due diligence once it is determined if the project is viable. We hope to document this process so that we can post it as a guide for those of you interested in how the development process goes. So many ideas that seem to be monumental in the beginning, burn out quickly once further investigation is begun and uncovers that someone else is already in the market with the product or the market has no interest.

Please check back often to keep updated on our progress and watch for the project development checklist which we will be posting once we refine the process.

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